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Automotive sales and automotive logistics in Aberdeen

At AVS Automotive Sales, Logistics and Transport Company Limited, we buy and import luxury cars, SUVs and other vehicles from the American to cater for the African market. Our team of expert automotive consultants look into every aspect of all the cars that we buy so you can be sure about the quality of the vehicle you purchase. We are also able to offer expert advice about the type of the car that you need based on your lifestyle and other requirements. In addition to automotive sales, we also undertake automotive logistics and ship cars and SUVs from America to anywhere in Africa.  We are based in Aberdeen and serve all of the African market. Check out our online showroom below.

Call us on 01224 912 182 to discuss your needs and get a quote for your services. 
Visit www.avsgroup.global
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Services we offer

  • Car Sales of used and nearly new cars across Nigeria and the UK. 
  • Road, Building Construction Equipment sales and supplies
  • Agricultural machinery sales and hire 
  • Van hire with security in Nigeria
  • We deliver purchased cars and vans within the UK.
  • We handle freight logistics and shipping worldwide.
  • We deliver The sales and Supplies of Storage Tanks And                    Containers.
new and good quality cars

You can rely on us

We specialise in supplying used and nearly new and good quality cars to our clients. We feed the Nigerian market with top of the range american cars while we supply European cars within the UK. We can supply brand new cars upon request and on a special arrangement anywhere in the world. 
Contact us for further information.

Online showroom 
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If you are looking for automotive sales or automotive logistics from America to Africa, call AVS Automotive sales, logisitics and transport
company ltd on 01224 912 182 or email contactus@avsgroup.global
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