AVS Group

Quality car sales, information technology and energy services based in Aberdeen

AVS Group is based in Aberdeen, from where it dispatches and directs its activities from energy services to car sales all over the world.
AVS Energy Services Ltd AVS Automotive Sales AVS Information Technology & Business Solutions
AVS Group
The AVS group is a dynamic, innovative and result-oriented group of companies that have been united by common interests, goals and aspirations, with customer satisfaction at the heart of all activities. AVS Group was birthed by a growing desire to address the constantly-changing and dynamic requirements of a very competitive world through innovation and orthodox methodology while making customer satisfaction and keeping a keen eye on details our fixation.
AVS Energy Services Ltd
AVS Automotive Sales

AVS Energy Services Ltd

We offer a multitude of services ranging from Quality assurance to Onsite Inspection- including project planning and tracking. We also have the opportunity to join our ever growing group of dedicated employees. Call AVS Energy Services for more information.

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AVS Automotive Sales, Logistics and Transport Company Limited

We are dedicated in supplying used and nearly new and good quality cars. We can advise intending car buyers on what to buy and arrange a suitable car for them that best suits their requirements and lifestyle. Contact AVS Automotive Sales for more details.
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AVS Information Technology & Business Solutions
We are based in Aberdeen UK but possess the capability to deliver best quality solutions to clients and trainees via our highly-trained and hugely-experienced staff who have worked with and still represent some of the most famous names known for best practices globally.
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For reliable and effective expediting, quality control, quality assurance and inspection for your projects in Aberdeen, get in touch with 
AVS Energy Services Ltd on 01224 912 182

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